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What you see here is a super-simple photoalbums creation widget. We spend a lot of time developing this easy-to-use tool. We wanted to make it fully understandable to everyone including children and elderly people. Your customers create layouts and in the end our system provides you with ready for printing JPG files.

If you have a website and your business includes producing photoalbums, then our tool is what you need. Spend a couple of minutes to integrate it with your website and get a free month trial!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I integrate this editor with my website?

    That's easy. You just insert a javascript line into your html layout. Get in touch with us to get an easy setup manual. We'll help if you need assistance.

  • What is the pricing?

    First month is 100% free. Further we'll charge you $1.99 for each photobook made with our tool. We'll bill you on a monthly basis.

  • We are a really popular website. May we have
    special pricing for us?

    It all depends on the amount of orders you handle per month. Let us know about your numbers and we'll come up with a special price for you.

  • We have some requirements regarding list numbers and prints size. Can you handle these things?

    Of course. We'll configure our tool to feet your needs: min and max lists number, ready images size.

  • We create photoalbums in different sizes. Is that possible to have multiple formats?

    Sure. In this case visitor will first of all choose one of available sizes (formats), each of them will have its own min-max lists number and ready images size.

  • Can you add some more features to your tool?

    We really care to create an effective tool. That's why we will be happy to hear any feedback from you including extra features you'd love to have here. We'll probably add them if we see that this is what other customers will like.

Send us a line if you have any questions Get Setup Instructions